Black Box Haus - Artist Hacker Photography


We are a gallery specializing in sports photography and shows.

Championships —

Brazil Crossfit Championship
Super Monstar
BTD Recife
BOPE Games
Torneio Crossfit Brasil
Brazilian Games for Vision
Cadeirantes Games
Itaim Games

Athletes —

Mathew Fraser
Katrín Tanja
Brooke Ence
Noah Nolsen
Anderon Primo
Anita Pravatti
Vivian Aiello
Caro Hobo
Henrique Hamoy
André Sanches
and others

Shows —

Sandy & Junior
Rio Montreux Jazz Festival

Connect —




A couple in love with sports and music. Thus is born the Black Box Haus art gallery, which specializes in artwork and creative content for great athletes and shows in musical entertainment.

He, Rafael Conde, is currently creative director of Lab, Artplan's creative laboratory. Passionate about sports and music, addicted to art, technology, loves to put into practice his crazy and (im) possible ideas.

She, Renata Conde, manager, and photographer with peculiar talent. Professional with experience in production and strategic planning in social platforms and large coverage in events and festivals.

Criar algo simples é a 1ª tarefa complexa.
— Autor Desconhecido



"No turbilhão de emoções que passamos dentro de um Wod, a Black Box Haus consegue incrivelmente identificar, expressar e transmitir essas emoções em forma de arte de maneira criativa e intensa!"

Vivian Aiello - Atleta